Our Projects

Our Projects

Our Projects


Cross-border trade bridges

With 10 years of experience in the field of export promotion on the platform of Technology and e-commerce, iExport’s team has helped many businesses leverage the platform to go fast, go far on the export journey through the online channel.

Ratraco Solutions

  • Refrigerated container Transport
  • International import-Export-logistics
  • Domestic container Transportation (south-north)
  • Warehouse for Lease & refrigerated containers


Home360 aims to help Vietnamese consumers conveniently get access to millions of furniture,construction materials via cross border ecommerce platform from all over the world and go through experience of real product offline for cost saving.


Chuadao.vn send love to the sea and islands in each product. Choosing to use the product at Chuadao.vn is that you support the program: Enjoy specialties and preserve nature.
Coming to chuadao.vn, you will not only feel the freshness of seafood, but also the taste of your beloved home sea in each special specialty.


  • Tacungban.com is the sales platform to help connect the manufacturer directly to the professional online business partner, helping to meet the needs of each party, in accordance with the needs of the final buyers.
  • Value of Tacungban: “Buy great prices, one delivery also”


  • Technology solutions to meet the demand for importing goods for enterprises/individuals from overseas markets (E-sourcing)
  • Import products entrusted from foreign INVESTORS such as Amazon, Alibaba, Taobao,… (E-Procurement)
  • International Logistics (4PL) helps businesses to make their own e-procurement (wholesale and retail with American websites, China, Japan, Germany… (Package Forwarding Service)

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